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Clear Scan 12 Panel Drug Test Cup

Clear Scan 12 Panel Drug Test Cup

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Product Description

The 12 Panel drug test cup screens for 12 drugs. With flat sides facilitating simple photocopying of results. Achieving up to 99% accuracy and CLIA Waived certification, it ensures reliability in drug screening.

  • Highest quality materials and quality control available
  • Tests for 12 drugs
  • AMP | BAR | BUP | BZO | COC | MDMA | MET | MOP | MTD | OXY | PCP | THC
  • Individual test wells creating clear, simple interpretation of results
  • Flat sides to make photo copies of results simple
  • Up to 99% accurate
  • CLIA Waived

Quantity: 25 Cups per box
Tests for: Amphetamines, Barbiturate, Buprenorphine, Benzodiazepine, Cocaine, Ecstasy, Methamphetamines, Opiates300, Methadone, Oxycodone, Phencyclidine, Marijuana

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